Termites are the pests that will feed on any cellulose. From your books to your bookshelf, a termite infestation can destroy your possessions within weeks. Also, referred to as the ‘silent destroyers,’ termites are very secretive workers. They may thrive in some areas of your house for days without creating any visible damage.

These tiny ant-like creatures are categorized into four types – Subterranean Termites, Dampwood Termites, Drywood Termites, and Formosan Termites.

ways to control, treatment & getting rid of termites

Identifying the type of termite is very important to terminate them effectively. Some common signs of termite infestation are damaged wood, discarded termite wings, mud tubes and excretion that look like sawdust.

DIY Ways To Kill Termites

diy ways to kill termites

Cardboard Trap

Cardboard trap is the most non-toxic method of getting rid of termites. Here, you need to take a cardboard box, spray some amount of water to moisten it and leave it near the area where you see signs of termites. The wet cardboard will throw outa woody smell, which will attract the termites. Once the termite starts infesting the cardboard, you will have to discard it or burn it.

Keep It Under Direct Sunlight

It is seen that termites cannot bear direct sunlight. They are extremely susceptible to heat and die almost instantly. Therefore, if any of your belongings is fill with termites, you need to bring it out under the sun. This method is beneficial in terminating the Subterranean Termite colony right from the base.


This method can be used to take care of termite infestation in large wooded areas.  Here, you can kill the termites by passing electric current above 90000 volts on the infested area. Electrocution also helps in eradicating an entire colony of termites. You will be able to purchase or rent the device in any electronic store near your home.

Drown The Termites With Soapy Water

If the termite infestation takes place in the soil, you can use soapy water to flood it. Here you can drown and kill the termites or force them to leave their habitat. Moreover, the soapy water also forms a seal on the outer shell of the insect, which affects their respiratory system, eventually killing them. Fill soapy water in a spray bottle and spray in all the infested areas.

Chemical Methods To Kill Termites

top chemicals to kill termites

Termite infestation has been a problem for a very long time. Today, researchers have developed a wide array of chemical pesticides that are used to terminate termites efficiently. Few of the most commonly used chemical pesticides are below.


This chemical reacts to the central nervous system of the pests and is very toxic to all insects. It acts on the immune system of the insect, eventually killing it. Termites would die either by consuming it or by contact. It can also transfer from one termite to the other, finally acting upon the entire termite colony.


This pesticide has a long-term effect. It is used mainly for termite infestation in trees and stumps. The chemical has the potential to destroy the entire colony of termites with its toxicity.


This pesticide is useful for more massive infestation. The chemical acts on the insect’s nervous system and destroys it. It can kill the insect directly by contact. You can also use it as a barrier to the infested areas around your house where you find signs of termite infestation. You may dissolve this chemical in water and use it to terminate the entire termite colony.


This chemical also has high toxicity to humans. Therefore, it needs experienced professionals to use this chemical as a pesticide. It comes in different concentration, depending on the level of infestation. It acts as a barrier for both new and old constructions, where it keeps the termites away.

Natural Ways To Kill Termites

If you want to avoid utilizing chemicals, you can also opt for natural ways to get rid of termites in your home. Below mentioned are a few natural substances that can help you out.

natural ways to kill termites

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth can be used to get rid of many kinds of pests. It reacts on the outer shell of the insect by damaging it completely. Spray it in and around the places that are infested with termites. Once it comes in contact with the termites, the insects dehydrate, which eventually kills them.

Clove Oil

You can use clove oil to get rid of termites as well as other insects inside your home. You need to mix it with water and spray in the infested areas. The clove oil also helps in killing the entire colony of termites.

Orange Oil

This is useful when only a small area is under infestation. You can extract the oil from the orange peel and fill it in a spray bottle. Use it in all the infested areas. The oil is toxic not only to termites but also to many other insects.

Garlic Oil

Garlic in itself has a strong insect repellant feature. It is helpful in many households as a natural pesticide. Mix a few drops of garlic oil with water and spray it in all the infested areas. The strong odor is sure to get rid of the termites inside your house.

Boric Acid

Boric acid attacks the nervous system of the termites, eventually killing them. The best part about using this is that it is non-toxic and we can use it without supervision.

Petroleum Jelly

You can use petroleum jelly to coat your furniture and protect it from termites. The phenol in this jelly keeps all kinds of insects away.

Other home remedies that may help you get rid of termites are cayenne pepper, soapy water, salt and water mixture, white vinegar and neem oil.

How To Prevent Termites From Coming Back

how to stop termites from infesting

After succeeding in getting rid of termites in your home, you need to make sure they do not come back again. To keep your home away from being re-infected with these pests, you need to take extra care. You need to repair all the water leakages in your home. Clean your drains and gutters periodically. Take out excess plants, wooden debris, stumps, and wood mulches. Do not let water clog anywhere in and around your home. Keep doors and window panes clean and dry. These preventive measures will surely stop the termites from feeding and will never let them in again.