Termite infestation can become a real threat to your home or property. Getting rid of termite is the best way to stay away from the damage. Many homeowners take pre-requisite steps to keep termites away from their property.

how to repair the damages made by termites

But, if the termites have already made their way into your home, it is time for you to take immediate action. The effort required in repairing termite damages depends on the level of destruction. Mentioned below are a few effective ways to fix damages caused by termites.

Initial Minimal Damage

how to repair minimal termite damage with wood hardener

The most challenging part about this stage is that it is hardly noticeable. Termite works are almost hidden and may be visible only after months. So, it is essential to be careful about all possible signs. Under the initial stage, you will find infestation just along the surface, not within. Such type of damage would be visible over untreated wood or wooden structures. Thus, the moment to see a termite trail on the surface of these structures, you need to act right away.

If there is minimal damage, you may not need professional help and can repair with DIY methods. The first thing you could do is to harden the wood and making it termite resistant. You will come across wood hardeners by different brands and in different strengths. Wood hardeners are adhesives that help in filling the damages caused by the termites. Other DIY methods are wood sealers, which are also available in any hardware store near you. These sealers also help in destroying the termite colony from the core.

Mid Level Damage

Under these situations, the termites would have made some degree of penetrative damage. You will find termites trail with granular termite droppings, and grimy powdery lines. Still, these types of destruction are also not very serious. Household tools can take care of them.

how to repair mid level termite damage with food filler

If you notice the signs, you need to scrap the upper surface of the infested wooden area. Once you make the changes, you need to apply wood fillers. It should be followed by polishing the wooden surface. If you buy wood fillers, you will also get a set of instructions about its application. Special care needs to be taken in the monsoon season. There are chances the termites may resurface during that season. Thus, it is essential for you to keep the surface dry and clean. This stage needs immediate attention, as termites tend to spread really fast. If you do not take immediate action, the damage may increase. This may cause more destruction to your wooden structures.

Serious Structural Damage

how to repair serious structural level termite damages by professional help

Here, the destruction may become beyond your DIY repair. It may need professional help. Under severe structural damage, the infestation is deep-rooted. You will notice discolored wood surface, hollow sound, and raptures. You will also see the termite trails over the non-wooden surface.

These kinds of damages are hard to rectify using household tools. Hiring professionals will help in getting a permanent solution. They will disconnect wiring and water connections, scrape the area and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do termites come back after being treated?

Termites will come back if you do not take preventive measures.

What are the signs of termite infestation?

Few signs are muddy tubes, buckling of walls, damaged wood, discarded wings, and swarmers.

How long is a termite inspection?

The inspection relies on the size of the construction. If the damage is severe, the experts may have to look around for more infested areas.

Do I need termite protection in my home and why?

Protecting your home from termites is wise. These pests can find a way to your home and remain hidden. They may hide for several years, destroying the structure. Termite protecting your home will let assure in keeping your home safe and damage-free.

How much damage can termites do?

Termites can create a lot of damage if not treated at the right time. Sometimes these damages can go unnoticed. It is critical to look out for signs. Termite damage can cost a lot.